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Wook Choi

The Founder of OOGIE HAUS

At Oogie Haus, I aim to emphasize art education, art & design internship opportunities, and volunteer outreach programs. This multidisciplinary program was redefined in 2015, as a way to inspire and dedicate the research for emerging artists and those interested in the arts. I also seek to curate our unique voice in today’s art world…

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Paul S. Eo

The Founder of EpostG

Founder, ePOSTg.com,  The Global Shipping Innovation CEO, KOEXPO USA , eCommerce Company CEO, EOS Co in KOREA (eCommerce ONE Solution) An Official eBay eduction Specialist An Official eBay Trading Assistant An Official USPS GDE Wholesaler The Commissioner of Global eTraders Forum Amazon Korea Jump Start Program Co-operator

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Han Lee

Creative Director at Push

Love to create interactive things for web, mobile, and any other platforms. Love to create hardware stuff with microcontroller such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi for my art work. Love to design anything and detail it up in a pixel view. Love to animate any objects. And love to shoot and edit a video. — I’m…

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Junhwan Kang

Founder at Meet the table

Founded Non-Profit Community, Meet The Table™ in South Korea, However, After moving in New York City in 2014, MTTT™ try to find new hosts and makes it bright. We define a host of our table as people who pursuit the invisible good value, make visible. However, They’ve often faced the huge rock to overcome in…

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Minhyuk Kang & Jongeun Choi

Co-founders of Opencreators

It was not under a huge plan that the magical, dream-realizing 3d printer was manufactured and that its possibility emerged. This entire story of Opencreators started almost as a joke with a man so focused on creating things and another who wanted to pull off something great. Together for a long time, they experimented on…

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Leon Kim, Kijin Jang & Nathan

Wild Ideas Man

Leon Kim Seoul, South Korea born, Leon Kim has moved to United States after spending childhood in South Korea. LK trading goods, the first company Leon founded in Saint Louis, imported and distributed consumer goods and fashion merchandise to local businesses in midwest, which was expanded to E-Commerce to serve broader demographics in later stage….

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Media Artist

Eunice Kim designs collaborative, interactive media for single-channel projections, installations and live communal performances. Ms. Kim’s real time analog/digital image and sound processing equipment allows for any space or object to be re-mapped with dynamic, live projections. Her custom-made hardware and software are activated across a variety of responsive, modular interfaces and alternative imaging devices. These responsive…

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Topics Covered

Maker & Culture

  • Introducing Maker
  • How maker changed the world
  • Why Startup company love maker
  • Improving WordPress workflow


  • Introducing Entrepreneurship
  • What is the difference of Entrepreneur
  • Why maker becomes Entrepreneur

Local based City Strategy

  • Why Maker was from the local
  • How to make global competitive power
  • Why a small city should focus on the global

AtoA T*able is set over one days of ground-breaking speeches for Maker enthusiasts

Around Word MakerFaire 2015, We’ll have the session not merely introduce raising keyword, Maker in the business field not only share the hidden konw-how of Korean-American who have survived for more than 20~30 yearsin the globe.

  • 2:00pm - 3:30am Session 1 Preveiw Maker Faire 2015

    1. What is MakerFaire (20minutes)
    2. Media Artist Performance & Speech(20minutes)

    3. 2015 Startup Sponsor : 3D Printer (20Minutes)

  • 4:00pm - 5:30pm Session 2 From Maker to Startup | 1 hour 30 Minutes

    • 하드웨어 스타트업으로써의 제조를 바라보는 방식 (20Minutes)

    • 보더간 경계를 넘는 크라우드펀딩 (20Minutes)

    • The Art of Logistics, Sales, Marketing (20minutes)

    • Global Initiative: Creating Opportunities through Art Education (20minutes)

  • 5:30pm - 6:00pm Special Session

    1. Inevitable Scenario Method: How to make globle small city in Korea
    2. Case study : North43.org: Global Business Idea Competition

  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm Networking & Dinner Party

    1. Dinner and Networking
    2. Orientation
    3. Q&A

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  • “If you go to one conference this year, make sure it’s AtoA.”

  • “AtoA was chock full of useful stuff. My head was spinning!”

  • “AtoA는 정말 기대되었던만큼 미래를 급격하게 대비하게 만들었다!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the public transportation options for getting to the T*able?

We highly recommend taking public transportation to the T*able. Here are some key options: Subway Take E, 1 train to 23rd Street Station. Please Note: For the most up-to-date subway service advisories, please visit www.mta.info.

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Is there ample parking at the AtoA venue?

No parking available at Bluejean Studio during AtoA T*able 2015. Parking is available at Street lot on Sunday.

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Where is AtoA T*able 2015?

AtoA T*able 2015 is located at BlueJean Studio in Manhattan, 149 W24th Suite 5b, New York, NY

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When is AtoA T*able 2015?

AtoA T*able 2015 takes place on: Sunday, September 20 – 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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