Invitation | 초대

Welcome to AtoA T*able 2015!

In the mean time of 6th World Maker Faire 2015, Non-Profitable Community Service, MeeT The

T*able is hosting a Innovative conference entitled AtoA T*able 2015.

It will be a stage for pooling our experiences and energy together to find solutions to common

challenges in everyday operation. It is out great honor to have you as a guest of the T*able.

We believe AtoA T*able 2015 and you will contribute to help governments, local and global

companies from difference industries to establish an angle through Blend into Maker &


Once again, welcome you to AtoA T*able 2015 with passion for global prosperity, and further wish

for continuous support and encouragement for the better future.

We hope you enjoy your stay in New York and thank you again for participation in AtoA T*able


Thank you.


MeeT The T*able

Founder & maker

Junhwan Paul Kang