Creative Director at Push

Han Lee

Love to create interactive things for web, mobile, and any other platforms. Love to create hardware stuff with microcontroller such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi for my art work. Love to design anything and detail it up in a pixel view. Love to animate any objects. And love to shoot and edit a video.

I’m an all-around player.

Design-oriented Creative Director who can program and knows new technology very well.

As a Creative Director :
Ideation, building ideas, design / motion design directing, removing inefficiency, giving specific goal, managing team and projects, caring and encouraging team members, preparing surprising events for team, solving problems and conflicts between members, defining R&R, evangelist about new tech, moderating between team(I know all parts – planner, developer, designer) …

As an Interactive Designer :
Pixel perfection, creating fluent animation, creating interesting concept and make it real, composing and arranging music, finding solutions on UX/UI view …

Specialties: Designing digital contents and UI on any platform and animating it. Managing team and encouraging them to create the best, with my all aspects I already experienced over 10 years in creative industry.