Founder at Meet the table

Junhwan Kang

Founded Non-Profit Community, Meet The Table™ in South Korea, However, After moving in New York City in 2014, MTTT™ try to find new hosts and makes it bright.
We define a host of our table as people who pursuit the invisible good value, make visible. However, They’ve often faced the huge rock to overcome in their pathway. whenever they need the other’s help, such as efficient way with a right technology, human network and creative business design. we discuss the solution and their future together and share it around the table. Besides, Our mission is making innovative, creative solution.

Through our mission, MTTT™ have to approve everyone can co-exist on the earth through our statement and activity.


Currently working for Opencreators that Makes Personal 3D Printer and develops Cross-border Commerce Service included iOT & 3D printing.
OpenCreators’​ Overview
– Personal 3D Printer Manufacturer & Cross-border Commerce
– Printing Farm | Up to 100 machines
– Developing New material for 3d printing
– Around 20,000 Developers and User Tester’s Community in South Korea

Prior to joining opencreators, I Involved plenty of Projects for the convergence of tech and culture as a consultant with innovative insight. And I also accumulated the Collaborative Business Network in Asia, especially, South Korea. Because of strong attention to the details with a focus on the bigger picture.

– Top level of knowledge Insight and Practical network in Asian Market
– Planned and executed E-Commerce Design in large sized commerce model
– Expertise in Disruptive and Creative Business Consulting