Co-founders of Opencreators

Minhyuk Kang & Jongeun Choi

It was not under a huge plan that the magical, dream-realizing 3d printer was manufactured and that its possibility emerged. This entire story of Opencreators started almost as a joke with a man so focused on creating things and another who wanted to pull off something great. Together for a long time, they experimented on different ideas and wanted to just try “something.” 

Then at one point, the 3d printer was to be revealed by the influence of those who claimed that, though without intention, these two were doing something important to change this world. That a great event is taking place in this era. It has gradually become evident for us that something enormous indeed has been occurring. 

We do not know about something. We have no clue about how these two have been spending time so far, while we have a pretty good idea of how that time has changed the rest of our world. During that time, the two went through a set of trial and errors to achieve their know-hows that the world meant to keep from everyone.

We do not know a thing about that time. And over time, the idea from then is revealed in its embodied, solid form.

Possibly due to that, every person in this era is too busy in his own life. The increase in the variety of media and flow of information through social networking made difficult for someone to be given attention, unless he has done considerable impact on society.

While we are not responsible for all knowledge, we must know that, with time, the kairos of innovation always flows slower than the chronos of anyone. The first open-creators who have long persevered through that period of time are the two founders of Opencreators, 

Kang Min-hyuk, Choi Jong Eon. 

These two giants are now dreaming in greater senses to mature on a global scale.