Wild Ideas Man

Leon Kim, Kijin Jang & Nathan

Leon Kim

Seoul, South Korea born, Leon Kim has moved to United States after spending childhood in South Korea. LK trading goods, the first company Leon founded in Saint Louis, imported and distributed consumer goods and fashion merchandise to local businesses in midwest, which was expanded to E-Commerce to serve broader demographics in later stage.

With Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biology from Indiana University of Bloomington and Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis, he has honed skills in understanding the mechanisms of biological ecosystems that he later applied to business ecosystems in human society. While working for KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency), he particularly excelled in event organizations and global network coordinations for government projects and market research on high tech industries of United States.

Blue Jean Entertainment, a New York based visual storytelling company that he has founded has produced Movies, commercials, documentaries and music videos produced his supervision. His role was to run day to day operations while ensuring the qualities of contents, storyline developments and content curation.

Benu Agency, a New York based Crowdfunding Agency is his latest project where he serves as a Chief Executive Officer. Still in development stage, he is currently functioning as jack of all trades.

Kijin Jang

With Creative and rigorous training of Media at School of Visual Arts in New York City, Kijin seeks to express the untouchable making a reality that seems intangible, allowing the fleeting chance of obscure feeling to become perceptible, without phony manipulations, expressing unadulterated emotions that contrast the solemnity of life as a video artist. Concurrently, he considers making promotional videos for appropriate image making and storytelling in diverse angle of strategy. Kijin have acquired basic knowledge, practical skills, and making storytelling regarding creating videos and film by attending a professional film academy and a university, as well as working at a broadcasting company in Tokyo, Japan. As Kijin became exposed to systematic knowledge in video making, he learned that creativity, humor, and dramatic visual metaphor are essence of homage to his video making. He became aware that he felt happy when people reacted to the videos he made. This happiness is further rooted in his desire to seek new ways to communicate as he continues to grow both artistic potential and promotional image strategy. Born in Korea, moved to Japan and now living in New York, completely different cultural values coexist within him honing his perspective on relationships between people by analyzing their characteristic. Thinking what he wants to represent in the frame with a purpose, decisive element of a reciprocal progress of concept lives within him.

Nathan Lyons

Hailing from Reading, England, Nathan Lyons is a Marketing consultant with a twist – he loves interviewing his clients on camera. Spotoninterviews.com showcases Nathan, a former management consultant, interviewing prominent leaders from business and academia. He deploys a humorous, forceful tone to explore ideas and encourages his guests to shine. Nathan’s clients include Marshall Goldsmith (NYT bestseller author), Bvlgari, and the University of Bocconi. Nathan holds a degree in History from Oxford University and a diploma in Strategic Marketing.