The Founder of OOGIE HAUS

Wook Choi

At Oogie Haus, I aim to emphasize art education, art & design internship opportunities, and volunteer outreach programs. This multidisciplinary program was redefined in 2015, as a way to inspire and dedicate the research for emerging artists and those interested in the arts.

I also seek to curate our unique voice in today’s art world by functioning dually as an art gallery and dealership. It is our mission and passion to contribute a bigger network for local and international artists.

Therefore, my goal is TO CREATE more jobs for young artists and designers so that they’d pursue their dreams, TO MAKE innovative art programs for young artists’​ education, TO CURATE creative gallery shows to encourage self-taught artists’​ and designers’, TO PUBLISH more useful & informative art books, and TO GIVE back through charitable causes for those who need love.